How Securus Technologies Helped Us Take Down a Criminal

I work as a corrections officer in a local jail, and recently we discovered that the incidents of drugs in our facility has escalated ten-fold over the prior year. My team was informed that we needed to step up our efforts so that we could see a reduction in those incidents, so we began focusing on three key areas of the prison.


First, we worked tirelessly to inspect each person that came into the prison. We checked inmates and visitors before and after their interactions, we even ran them through different scanning devices. Next, we grabbed some of the drug dogs and did surprise inspections of different cells. While we did see a noticeable difference, it was not enough.


Securus Technologies is responsible for installing a call monitoring system in our prison we use to listen to inmates interact on the telephone. When we were trained to use the LBS software, we all realized we now had a new resource in our war on drugs. Within days we began to pick up on conversations from inmates talking about making certain they entered the visitor center in a certain manner or don’t come.


We didn’t connect the dots that week, because we were so interested in catching the transfer in real-time that we missed the bigger picture. It was after the call monitoring service alerted us to the same conversations we realized what was happening. One new corrections officer was allowing certain visitors to pass through without getting thoroughly inspected.


Once we identified the corrupt staff member, we made sure to collect enough evidence so that we could have him removed from his job and sentenced accordingly. This behavior put me and my entire staff at risk, and by ending his ability to help the inmates, we reduced our drug problem dramatically.