The Top Ten Cities to Change Life Path’s: Explosive Growth Opportunites Shared by Samuel Strauch

In a recent online publication, Metrik Real Estate Principal Samuel Strauch shares the top ten cities which host valuable locations, the 10 locations so explosive, that real estate and all things culture, nightlife, shopping, and dining- have also taken enormous leaps and seen across-the-board growth. Perennial heavyweights, Miami, San Francisco and Dallas are noted, with equal tribute paid to fellow bay area titan San Jose, California, and Colorado’s jewel, the city of Denver. Florida maintains an active presence in the top ten with Orlando and Tampa also making the list. Rounding out the top ten is another Texas nod with Austin, and a Southern tribute made via Nashville, Tennessee. Surprise listmaker to spot number ten is Raleigh, North Carolina- considered a great place for career and social opportunity with exponential job growth numbers and home to IBM.

Graduating with a Bachelors in Business from New York located Hofstra University, Samuel Strauch began the voyage of real estate by involvement with the family business. Strauch’s passion for the real estate sector is evidenced by the creation and success of Metrik Real Estate, a South Florida-based progressive real estate company specializing in commercial real estate, pre-construction, downtown, luxury & waterfront properties. Visit his Tumblr.

Samuel Strauch is an active member of the community with social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Crunchbase. A daily participant of meditation, Strauch believes boredom is the enemy- an experience faced at Strauch’s first job post-college which involved manual paperwork processing, led to a personal promise ensuring that work would always be interesting and interactive. Samuel Strauch emphasizes the mental composition of gratefulness as a mantra to live by and sets up five minutes to practice affirmations of such each morning. Strauch also invests in local restaurants and internet start-ups while pursuing hobbies such as art appreciation and photography design. Click here to know more.

Jose AuriemoNeto – Leading JHSF from the Front

JHSF is a great leader in the real estate arena in Brazil. It has got operations in the commercial and residential markets and manages shopping centers and big hotels. It came into existence in the year 1972. The firm is well known for its potential to know several business chances in the regions in which it functions. Some of the aspects that are a part of the company’s policy are creativity, quality and ability to have excellent alternatives in your projects.

JHSF have strengthened its functioning in capitals like Salvador, Sao Paulo, and Manaus. The firm consists of at least four business units like Hotels and restaurants, malls, Incorporations and Executive airport.

JHSF has expected and switched its business to the income area. There has been an excellent implementation of projects. There is the Vitra building that has been designed by a reputed architect Mr. Daniel for JHSF. It is considered to be the finest building in the world by architects in North America. Vitra has finished at least thirty-four projects. Catarina fashion outlet which is a business venture of JHSF was launched in Oct. 2014. It got the Outstanding in other formats award from the Brazilian forum of shopping centers.

A little aspect regarding JHSF is that it makes use of the implementation viability in all the project phases that it creates. JHSF is also working on various projects in different communities. It sponsors many projects in the education and health spheres.

Mr. Jose AuriemoNeto is the chairman of JHSF which is a real estate firm that focuses on the commercial and residential development of the properties in Brazil. Mr. Neto also manages the shopping of the groups. Mr. Jose Neto supervised the first venture of the group into retail and also signed various agreements with Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes. He has opened various luxury brand in the first stores in the JHSF shopping complex.

Mr. Neto started to work for JHSF in the year 1993. He also got the rights to grow the first shopping stop that is the Shopping Santa Cruz and supervise its development with ultimate success.