Arthur Becker Reaches New Heights With Project Development in Tribeca

Some people say that you have to ‘fake it until you make it’ but they aren’t as lucky as Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker is the real deal: a stockbroker who successfully transitioned to becoming one of the most prominent entrepreneurs around. Becker has spent the better part of the last 20 years growing an enterprise that spans from technology to artwork and back to real estate in one of the most impressive markets in the world: New York City. It is justifiable to not have heard of Becker as he’s mostly stayed behind the scenes in his work. Now Becker is stepping up to the plate on his biggest project yet: a solo building development in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

For the past several years Arthur Becker has largely been learning the ropes behind the scenes. He’s played the part of the silent investor and funds deliverer for a variety of high profile real estate developers in the city of New York. Becker’s work is known even if you do not know that it is his. Becker’s invested in the prominent Billionaires’ Row which was developed at 111 West 57th Street. He’s worked directly with Kevin Maloney and Robert Gladstone as well as Madison Equities. Now he is standing up to put his name on the front of the building in an effort to complete his greatest task yet. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Becker’s development will be constructed at 465 Washington Street in Manhattan. His goal with the project is to develop an eight unit condo building that mixes luxury with art in a boutique cover over it all. Becker had to invest in two adjacent townhouses in order to get his project up and off of the ground and he’ll end up living at one of them when all is said and done. The boutique condo building is expected to be appraised at nearly $53 million when the work is completed. If Becker pulls of this project then it will be his biggest step forward as an entrepreneur and the crowning jewel in his portfolio — and we’re certain that it is something he can accomplish.

You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

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