George Soros Role in World Democracy

Few rich people can do what George Soros has done with his life. At the age of 86, George Soros still finds time to change the world in one way or the other. Despite the age, he is also involved with his businesses. George Soros makes most of his money from the Soros Fund Management that was established in the year 1978 with the help of other investors. Up to date, the Soros Fund Management is the biggest hedge fund in the United States. While many titles can be used to describe George Soros, the one that fit him most is a philanthropist, business magnate, investor and author. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

When it comes to writing, he expresses his opinions through books and articles that are published in several outlets across the world. While studying at the London School of Economics in the early 1950s, George Soros became influenced by Karl Popper and particularly his books on the theory of reflexivity. With a full understanding of these theories, George Soros managed to relate them to the capital market. This helped him develop theories about market value securities as well as asset bubbles. George Soros manages his giving through the Open Society Foundations where he pays attention to issues affecting the minority. He is a speaker of the oppression of the minority by the mainstream society. This means that he addresses issues such as same sex marriage, discrimination of drug users and the discrimination of sex workers. His love for humanity may have been fueled by his upbringing. George Soros grew up in a Nazi occupied Hungary in the 1940s.


He managed to maneuver until he found an opportunity to move to the United Kingdom. George Soros began as a tout before switching to a being a waiter. These are some of the jobs that motivated him to work hard and join the London School of Economics. In the United States, George Soros is also active in politics where he is recognized as a supporter of the Democratic Party. For instance, he donated millions of money during the past elections to help election of a long term friend Hillary Clinton. He has supported the restoration of democracies in other nations across the globe such as South Africa, Ukraine, Georgia and Panama. Currently, he is involved in a project in Burma. Learn more about his profile at

Some of the books that he has written include the Age of Fallibility, the Soros Lectures at the Central European University as well as the Crisis of Global Capitalism. He has been featured on the hedge fund wall of fame alongside famous business people such as Leon Levy, Bruce Kovner, Tudor Jones as well as David Swensen, Kenneth Griffin and Jack Nash. He has a wealth of close to $30 billion.

Jim Tananbaum’s Impacts in the Healthcare Industry

Jim Tananbaum is the establisher of Foresite Capital, a private equity organization specializing in providing healthcare services. Jim Tananbaum established Foresite Capital in 2011. Since then, the healthcare firm supports and identifies emerging leaders in the health sector. Jim offers his undying support by providing the executives with funds, information, and networks. Before he founded Foresite Capital, Jim co-established a couple of bio pharmaceuticals enterprises and two other practices in investment. The first of Jim’s ventures was GelTex Pharmaceuticals NASDAQ which over a short period brought two drugs in the industry. In 1998, GelTex’s medicine, Renzela, yielded significant revenue of over $200 million. Today, Renzela produces approximate $1 billion in yearly income.

Jim Tananbaum’s education interests landed him in more than one institution. He attended Yale University where he studied computer science and electrical/math engineering. Jim attained an M.B.A and M.D from Harvard. Afterward, Jim Tananbaum went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his M.S. Jim’s passion has always been to intermarry computer knowledge with healthcare. His intentions are supported by his mentors including George Whitesides, Roy Vagelos, Bob Gunderson and Rick Levin. His mentors’ advice spearheads Jim to continue with his evolution in various fields. Check out for more info.

Being in the healthcare sector for over twenty-five years, Jim identified primary factors that motivated his invention. To Jim, Foresite Capital means comprehending and harnessing the future of healthcare industry. Jim’s Foresite insight came from the zeal to finance entrepreneurs and healthcare innovators. By assembling and digesting all health care published information, Jim Tananbaum will propel the health sector to greater heights meeting its customers’ needs. At the moment, Foresite Capital has invested in 77 healthcare firms in medical services, genomic sequencing, and diagnostics. You can visit his page

According to BusinessWire, under Jim Tananbaum’s guidance, Foresite carries greatest investments in Intarcia. Intarcia is a diabetes implant type II that helps diabetes patients lose their weight. According to Jim, the products of Intarcia have a potential to impact Diabetes. For instance, IUD has positively made impacts in birth rate control over the world. Jim Tananbaum intends to launch Intarcia’s items in the United States by the end of this year. Besides investing in Intarcia, Jim Tananbaum partners with Aeri Pharmaceuticals. The firm brings to its patient’s glaucoma cure which treats over 40 million people suffering from the ailment. Jim’s health care ventures are globally recognized. Visit for more details.

Innovative Investor Paul Mampilly Sees Newsletter Sub Count Soar

Paul Mampilly’s financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has recently garnered upwards of 60,000 subscribers which is something of a impressive feat for a financial, investment periodical. Another remarkable thing about this landmark is that it positions Mr. Mampilly’s papers as one of the single most popular and highly subbed newsletters in the entire investment industry, beating out countless other syndicated papers that have been around for many months and years longer.

There are quite a few reasons for the newsletters marked popularity but foremost amongst those reasons is the experience, knowledge and insights of Mr. Paul Mampilly himself.

Paul Mampilly is a notable publisher and financial investor and monetary adviser who currently operates as the Senior Editor of Profits at Bayan Hill Publishing, overseeing the development and output of the the previously mentioned publication Profits Unlimited as well as the publication, Extreme Fortunes. In addition to his work in the publishing industry Mr. Mampilly has, more crucially, also worked extensively for over twenty years as a highly successful financial investor on Wall Street. He has, in his past tenure on Wall Street paired with such well known and highly respected companies as ING, Duetsche Bank and Kinetic International. In the mid 2000s Mr. Mampilly accepted a challenging competition set forth by the renowned Templeton Foundation and won the event by taking a fifty million dollar investment and turning it into a staggering 88 million dollar investment – no small task! However, this was made even more impressive by the fact that Mr. Paul Mampilly was able to accomplish this feat amidst the massive financial collapse the United States was experiencing which well attests to the industry savvy he thoroughly lays out in his newsletters.

A good way to gauge whether or not any given financial adviser knows what he or she is talking about is to simply look at the results of their advice and with Mr. Mampilly the results (and by extension, the popularity of his newsletter) are quite clear. For example, one stock in particular that Mampilly pointed out as a profitable venture at the beginning of his publication, a semiconductor firm, seen its stock rise by % 160!

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Retirement Advice From David Giertz

People feel relaxed that social security will take care of them post their retirement. David Giertz is the President at Nationwide Financial Distributors. He is now telling American people that things have changed. There is not enough money any more. Hence they need to plan more and save more.

As far as social security is concerned, people need to be aware of a lot of things. Typically people think that just because they have reached the age of 62, they are eligible to take Social Security at Hence they simply go ahead and do so. But what this leads to is getting the least benefits.

David Giertz says that people need to wait longer. In fact, the more they wait, the higher will be the benefits that will accrue to them. This is where the financial advisors need to play a vital role. They have to explain to them how much they would get as per their age. The calculation should be done accordingly.

David Giertz also explains that Social Security has been devised as a way to assist retirees. They should not look towards it as something that will fund them completely. This is why they must have a retirement plan in place.

Higher Social Security benefits will come when a person starts availing it later. This means that they must opt for full retirement age mentioned on This will be between the age of 65 and 67. In fact, they must wait still longer. This will help them in getting a still bigger monthly check from Social Security.

Taxation is another field here that is full of misconceptions, as per David Giertz on He says that people are simply not aware that Social Security is taxable. Hence they find this a rude shock. All these things must be clarified at the earliest.