Innovative Investor Paul Mampilly Sees Newsletter Sub Count Soar

Paul Mampilly’s financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has recently garnered upwards of 60,000 subscribers which is something of a impressive feat for a financial, investment periodical. Another remarkable thing about this landmark is that it positions Mr. Mampilly’s papers as one of the single most popular and highly subbed newsletters in the entire investment industry, beating out countless other syndicated papers that have been around for many months and years longer.

There are quite a few reasons for the newsletters marked popularity but foremost amongst those reasons is the experience, knowledge and insights of Mr. Paul Mampilly himself.

Paul Mampilly is a notable publisher and financial investor and monetary adviser who currently operates as the Senior Editor of Profits at Bayan Hill Publishing, overseeing the development and output of the the previously mentioned publication Profits Unlimited as well as the publication, Extreme Fortunes. In addition to his work in the publishing industry Mr. Mampilly has, more crucially, also worked extensively for over twenty years as a highly successful financial investor on Wall Street. He has, in his past tenure on Wall Street paired with such well known and highly respected companies as ING, Duetsche Bank and Kinetic International. In the mid 2000s Mr. Mampilly accepted a challenging competition set forth by the renowned Templeton Foundation and won the event by taking a fifty million dollar investment and turning it into a staggering 88 million dollar investment – no small task! However, this was made even more impressive by the fact that Mr. Paul Mampilly was able to accomplish this feat amidst the massive financial collapse the United States was experiencing which well attests to the industry savvy he thoroughly lays out in his newsletters.

A good way to gauge whether or not any given financial adviser knows what he or she is talking about is to simply look at the results of their advice and with Mr. Mampilly the results (and by extension, the popularity of his newsletter) are quite clear. For example, one stock in particular that Mampilly pointed out as a profitable venture at the beginning of his publication, a semiconductor firm, seen its stock rise by % 160!

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Retirement Advice From David Giertz

People feel relaxed that social security will take care of them post their retirement. David Giertz is the President at Nationwide Financial Distributors. He is now telling American people that things have changed. There is not enough money any more. Hence they need to plan more and save more.

As far as social security is concerned, people need to be aware of a lot of things. Typically people think that just because they have reached the age of 62, they are eligible to take Social Security at Hence they simply go ahead and do so. But what this leads to is getting the least benefits.

David Giertz says that people need to wait longer. In fact, the more they wait, the higher will be the benefits that will accrue to them. This is where the financial advisors need to play a vital role. They have to explain to them how much they would get as per their age. The calculation should be done accordingly.

David Giertz also explains that Social Security has been devised as a way to assist retirees. They should not look towards it as something that will fund them completely. This is why they must have a retirement plan in place.

Higher Social Security benefits will come when a person starts availing it later. This means that they must opt for full retirement age mentioned on This will be between the age of 65 and 67. In fact, they must wait still longer. This will help them in getting a still bigger monthly check from Social Security.

Taxation is another field here that is full of misconceptions, as per David Giertz on He says that people are simply not aware that Social Security is taxable. Hence they find this a rude shock. All these things must be clarified at the earliest.