Stock-based Loans with Equities First Holding

Equity First Holdings has been existence since the year 2002. The company was founded by Al Christy Jr., and he still acts as the president till today. Currently, the Managing Director of this company is a guy by the name Jeff Smith. On the other hand, Ms. Julie LaPoint takes the position of the Operation Manager while the head trader of this firm is Joe McCarthy. The firm has maintained its corporate offices in Indianapolis Indiana although it has offices in other parts of the United States such as Boston and New York. The firm continues to offer securities based lending services at a time when banks have made it difficult to acquire a loan.

Since the year 2002, this firm has conducted many transactions that are estimated to be worth billions of dollars. According to a report by the company, the firm has been involved in more than 650 transactions that re-estimated to be worth more than $1. 4 billion. The firm has specialized in offering high loans to its customers that are characterized by low and fixed interest rates. Other than the offices in the United States of America, Equities First Holding operates in other nine countries where it has managed to establish several subsidiaries. These subsidiaries include Equities First London, Equities First Holding Australia as well as Equity First Holding Hong Kong Limited. The equities First Holding in Singapore is also a subsidiary of this firm.

According to the CEO of this firm, the good thing about stock-based loans is that they are fixed and are not affected by market fluctuations. Another good thing about them is that they have a non-recourse feature that allows you to walk away from the loan anytime you feel it’s necessary. This takes into consideration when even the stocks have depreciated. Unlike a margin loan, a stock loan does not require you to be prequalified. With the stock loans, interest’s rates are fixed, and they are associated with lower loan-to-value –margin rates. The good thing about equities first holding is that they assure their clients that they will receive their stocks once the period is over.

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Martin Lustgarten International Investment Banker

Millions of people are thinking about the day they can finally retire. Retirement can be some of the best years of your life or it can be an even bigger struggle than your working years. Being able to retire with enough money to enjoy the good life without financial stress should be the goal of anyone looking forward to enjoying a happy and relaxed retirement.

There are some individuals that are fortunate enough to have a high-paying career with good retirement benefits that should not have to worry about finances in retirement. That said, for the average working person this is not always the case. Just keeping up with the daily expenses such as a home mortgage, car payments and college for the kids has left many without enough savings or benefits to living comfortably. For this person finding a way to generate extra money during their working life is critical in order to supplement their retirement.

One of the best ways to generate this extra money is through investments. Making the right investment’s can make your retirement dreams a reality. The key to making good investments is working with the right investment banker. An investment banker is a company or individual that offers advice and assistance to clients about the best way to invest their money.

Martin Lustgarten is a highly thought of investment banker who makes his home in Florida. Now in his mid 50’s he has been helping people find their dream retirement for decades. Martin Lustgarten is a big believer in international investments. He believes by investing in several different countries at a time he can cut down on risk and yet be able to take advantage of sudden growth in their local markets.

As you can imagine being able to do this he must work incredibly hard and that is exactly what he does. His years of experience have taught him how to closely watch each of his investment’s, allowing him to make decisions that will result in the best possible outcome for his clients.  Following the suggestions of this investment banker could lead to the retirement you are hoping for.