In hundreds of school districts across the United States, 15,000 school officials have received free reading lessons from the network of the Success Academy Education Institute, which is led by CEO Eva Moskowitz. Ms. Moskowitz is determined to give kids the means to develop, not only a love of reading but the ability to do it very well. She also wants, as a goal of her program to reach teachers in schools across the country and give them the tools they need on what to teach in their classes and how to do it. This comes after a two year period in which Success Academy built the first online version of the Education institute. This is a web-based resource which gives teachers access to lesson plans, instructional videos, reading lists, and other materials. Eva Moskowitz has established a plan to run 100 Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City by 2024, using a new digital literacy platform.

At present, the Success Academy network is operating 41 schools in the city, and is opening up three more during this year.
Not only is Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academy the largest school charter network in New York city, serving nearly 14,000 students but it was awarded the 2017 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools, which also included a $250,000 award. This recognition is given to a charter network where low-income students and students of color have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. For instance, all of the elementary and middle schools within Success Academy placed in the top 10 perent of schools in the state of New York for advanced academic performance in math, science, and English. Gregory McGinity, executive director of the Broad Foundation, credited the teachers, students, and families for the outstanding achievements of Success Academy.
Eva Moskowitz believes strongly that the parents of the students in Success Academy should be actively invlolved in their children’s education and should be partners,along with the teachers for insuring academic excellence. Ms. Moskowitz encourages visitors and fellow educators to come tour the classrooms and listen to the lessons. This includes the K-4 ELA curriculum, which is the basis of Success Academy’s online offering.