ClassDojo-Keeping the Classroom Exciting


ClassDojo is the future of the classroom. It is an app that is making communication a lot easier between teachers, parents, and students. It is customizable and it allows students to earn dojo points.

ClassDojo is also making classrooms much more efficient and is saving teachers a lot of time. With just a click, accomplishments and even the conduct of students can be easily recorded. Teachers can just leave the app on the Smartboard throughout the day and it makes it easy for negatives and positives to be recorded throughout the day.

ClassDojo is a great communication tool between parents and students and it automatically tracks the actions in the classroom. Teachers can then use the information gathers in order to create reports that can be shared with parents later on. Parents will then be reminded every Friday to review the progress of their children.

ClassDojo makes it really handy to organize and set up the classroom for teachers and it also helps parents to stay very involved with the progress of their children. The app also makes it easy and fun for students to share their day with their parents through visuals like photos and videos rather than explaining it all.

ClassDojo makes it simple to keep the lines of communication open between parents and teachers without the need for text messaging or phone calls. It’s a great way to stay on top of things throughout the school year rather than trying to catch up at teacher parent conferences. Classdojo has really opened up the lines of communication between teachers and the parents of their students and is helping to make classrooms very streamlined and efficient so that more can get accomplished in a school day. ClassDojo is a positive app that encourages good behavior and accomplishments.