Is Wen Cleansing Conditioner Suitable for All Hair Types?

Everyone has seen at infomercial for the cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean. Even if you have never tried Wen, there is certainly a case for doing a bit of extra research. Most people assume that WEN, a cleansing conditioner, is going to only be good for very dry, very coarse hair. This is not the case as stated by the company however.

Chaz Dean ( claims that WEN is perfect for all hair types, that it delivers moisture and body without stripping the hair of natural oils that are needed for hair to be healthy and soft. WEN works by attaching to the dirt and grime that builds up on the hair shaft and removing it without using sulfates and other harmful chemicals. WEN is designed to remove dirt and grime and deposit moisture for soft and voluminous hair.

The real question is, does it really work for all hair types? When used by a blogger with fine hair, it was found that the product made her hair greasier than expected after one day of use. As would be expected, WEN does not strip moisture so hair that is cleaned with WEN is going to be a bit heavier and a bit more moisturized than hair that is cleaned with shampoo.

For those that do have find hair, it might be best to use WEN every day to cleanse the hair. The upside of using it every day? Since it is not a typical shampoo, using it every day is not going to strip the hair and is not going to make it look dry crunchy as using traditional shampoo every day might. WEN is designed to be gentle so that it can be used every day if needed. For those that do have difficult hair, this might be a great option.

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Making Lip Balm At Home

Lip balm is a product that according to Fast Company, can help to keep the lips moisturized, especially when the air is dry outside. It can also help chapped lips and those that are cracked. You can find several kinds of lip balm in many scents and flavors, such as mint or cherry. There are also a few recipes of lip balms that you can make at home. You want to use beeswax and coconut oil as a base so that you get a product that is smooth on the lips and that will enrich the lips with vitamins and minerals.

Essential oils can be added to the lip balm that you make to give different scents and flavors. Peppermint is popular and ideal for the Christmas season. It’s fragrant and adds a bit of fun to the lips. It’s also a relaxing scent. Chamomile is another ingredient that is calming and almost smells like tea. Mango and cocoa can be used to create a midnight lip balm that is a bit decadent with nourishing properties.

Evolution of Smooth has several different kinds of lip balm available on Racked. They come in small round containers with a small ball inside that makes it easy to roll onto the lips. Some of the flavors include blueberry and passion fruit. See,

One of the things that EOS lip balm is known for is that it uses vitamins and minerals that help keep the lips smooth. The products are full of vitamin E and shea butter. Lip balms from the company are made with natural ingredients that have been tested by a dermatologist.