The Reformations Of End Citizen United In The Campaign Finance Systems

End Citizen United is a movement established with the aim of introducing reforms to campaign financial systems. The group raised over $4 million in 2017. It is expecting that over $35 million will be collected by the end of 2018. The money to be collected is aimed at funding Congress elections in 2018 .

The money which will be collected is more than what Political Action Committee (PAC) had raised. PAC had raised a total over $25 million in 2016. The information generated in the USA indicates that about 100,000 people were involved in raising the money for PAC in 2016. 40,000 people have raised money for the group for the first time. PAC collected about $12 million in 2016. End Citizen United contributed largely in raising $500,000 to Democrat candidate in Georgia. The money was raised to Jon Ossoff through donations to fund its campaigns. He managed to raise more than $4million for the campaigns. The seat which was to be filled was initially occupied by Tom Price who was a Republican. Tom Price was later selected for the appointment as secretary of Health and Human Services.


The name ‘End Citizen United’ was selected after the decision that was made by Supreme Court in 2010 Citizens. The decision which was ruled by the Supreme Court made it possible for donations to be received from unions and corporations. The donations are utilized in supporting the candidates to fund their campaigns. PAC was one of the earliest group to be formed to raise money for the campaigns. The group was not limited in the amount of money which it could raise. On the other hand, End Citizen United does not allow one person to raise over $5,000. The group has joined a network of campaign-finance groups. The group was on the frontline in convincing the senators who have benefited from Devos family fund to vote for Betsy Devos. The group was established by James Bopp. He is a renowned lawyer who is based in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The lawyer has gone to court requesting to be allowed to broadcast a certain movie. However, he lost the case since the court was not provided by the sponsor of the movie. The arguments of the case were revisited two years later, and they were adopted. End Citizens United came into existed due to the efforts of Bopp to eradicate the poor campaign regulations. He is the one behind litigation threats which are championing against the laws instituted about the national campaigns. End Citizens United has enabled corporate society to donate funds for the campaign. Bopp is well known due to the cases about campaigns that he has won. He won the cases that he filed against McCain and Bush v. Gore. His contribution to the formation of End Citizens United is fundamental in reforming the campaign finance system.