Innovative Investor Paul Mampilly Sees Newsletter Sub Count Soar

Paul Mampilly’s financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has recently garnered upwards of 60,000 subscribers which is something of a impressive feat for a financial, investment periodical. Another remarkable thing about this landmark is that it positions Mr. Mampilly’s papers as one of the single most popular and highly subbed newsletters in the entire investment industry, beating out countless other syndicated papers that have been around for many months and years longer.

There are quite a few reasons for the newsletters marked popularity but foremost amongst those reasons is the experience, knowledge and insights of Mr. Paul Mampilly himself.

Paul Mampilly is a notable publisher and financial investor and monetary adviser who currently operates as the Senior Editor of Profits at Bayan Hill Publishing, overseeing the development and output of the the previously mentioned publication Profits Unlimited as well as the publication, Extreme Fortunes. In addition to his work in the publishing industry Mr. Mampilly has, more crucially, also worked extensively for over twenty years as a highly successful financial investor on Wall Street. He has, in his past tenure on Wall Street paired with such well known and highly respected companies as ING, Duetsche Bank and Kinetic International. In the mid 2000s Mr. Mampilly accepted a challenging competition set forth by the renowned Templeton Foundation and won the event by taking a fifty million dollar investment and turning it into a staggering 88 million dollar investment – no small task! However, this was made even more impressive by the fact that Mr. Paul Mampilly was able to accomplish this feat amidst the massive financial collapse the United States was experiencing which well attests to the industry savvy he thoroughly lays out in his newsletters.

A good way to gauge whether or not any given financial adviser knows what he or she is talking about is to simply look at the results of their advice and with Mr. Mampilly the results (and by extension, the popularity of his newsletter) are quite clear. For example, one stock in particular that Mampilly pointed out as a profitable venture at the beginning of his publication, a semiconductor firm, seen its stock rise by % 160!

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The Fascination Behind Kabbalah Centers

The fact is that Jews have always been strong. And now they have become stronger after going through thousands of years of oppression. People visit the Kabbalah Centre as they wish to become a part of that strength. Besides, many people feel emotionally linked with Judaism. They look towards the Kabbalah Centre as they find honesty as well as spiritual peace there that may be lacking in their personal makeup. Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube

Among the main precepts of Kabbalah is that people have been put on earth to help others. Now they need to figure out how they can do so. This can mean spreading the message of Kabbalah all around the world. It may mean converting to Judaism for some. For others, it can mean becoming an advocate for Israel.

This study of Jewish mysticism is able to greatly influence a person to make them do everything that they can in order to make this world a better place to live in. Click Here for Kabbalah News .

Hence, the interest in the Kabbalah Centre is the desire to help others as well as seek stability in a world that is chaotic. Another concept that attracts people is that of living like a close family. The Kabbalah Centre helps people to overcome their emotional burdens. These may have been due to their childhood memories, getting tremendous success and fame and so on. Kabbalah at LinkedIn.

As a tradition, Kabbalah is supposed to be studied only by those Jews who are over the age of 40. But the Kabbalah Centre is trying to simplify Kabbalah. It is being related to varying aspects of modern life in order to make it much more relevant. This way it can reach still further and touch the lives of many others all around the world. People from any part of the world are welcomed at the Kabbalah Centre. for more .

Arthur Becker Reaches New Heights With Project Development in Tribeca

Some people say that you have to ‘fake it until you make it’ but they aren’t as lucky as Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker is the real deal: a stockbroker who successfully transitioned to becoming one of the most prominent entrepreneurs around. Becker has spent the better part of the last 20 years growing an enterprise that spans from technology to artwork and back to real estate in one of the most impressive markets in the world: New York City. It is justifiable to not have heard of Becker as he’s mostly stayed behind the scenes in his work. Now Becker is stepping up to the plate on his biggest project yet: a solo building development in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

For the past several years Arthur Becker has largely been learning the ropes behind the scenes. He’s played the part of the silent investor and funds deliverer for a variety of high profile real estate developers in the city of New York. Becker’s work is known even if you do not know that it is his. Becker’s invested in the prominent Billionaires’ Row which was developed at 111 West 57th Street. He’s worked directly with Kevin Maloney and Robert Gladstone as well as Madison Equities. Now he is standing up to put his name on the front of the building in an effort to complete his greatest task yet. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Becker’s development will be constructed at 465 Washington Street in Manhattan. His goal with the project is to develop an eight unit condo building that mixes luxury with art in a boutique cover over it all. Becker had to invest in two adjacent townhouses in order to get his project up and off of the ground and he’ll end up living at one of them when all is said and done. The boutique condo building is expected to be appraised at nearly $53 million when the work is completed. If Becker pulls of this project then it will be his biggest step forward as an entrepreneur and the crowning jewel in his portfolio — and we’re certain that it is something he can accomplish.

You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

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Thor Halvorssen and the Fight for Human Rights

The Human Rights Foundation is an organization dedicated to the protection of human rights and is at the forefront in actively engaging governments, organizations and individuals to advance its cause. If you have heard of it, then it was probably in a setting where it was defending the rights of some oppressed people in America and other parts of the world. At the helm of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, the man who founded the organization in 2005 while still in his mid-20’s. Over the years the group has grown to become one of the foremost defenders of human rights across the globe even though it boasts a very modest staff of just 12 employees.

Thor Halvorssen is a man who has dedicated his life, through the Human Rights Foundation, to the fight for justice among the oppressed. He is particularly passionate about defending the rights and freedoms of people who are being punished for having the courage to stand up to the authorities of the day and to tell them whenever they were going wrong. Working with defectors and dissidents, or people who are deemed as troublemakers out to challenge established authorities is one of his deepest passions. This is evident right from the kind of people he works with at the organization.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a long line of freedom fighters, local activists, and heads of state. Being a person of mixed heritage, half Norwegian and half Venezuelan, Thor understands life on both sides of the racial divide and part of his work involves activities meant to bridge that gap. And he does not just talk the talk; he walks it too. The number of beatings and time served behind bars that Thor has had to go through in his work as a human rights activist is clear evidence of that fact.

Gold Winner Troy McQuagge Recognized for USHEALTH Group’s Success

Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH Group CEO, is the 2016 One Planet Awards Gold Winner CEO of the Year. This honor is no surprise for anyone who is familiar with Troy and his dedication to excellence. Upon joining USHEALTH Group in 2010, Troy McQuagge began to apply the initiative and skill necessary to compete and succeed in the aggressive market of individual health insurance. After rebuilding the group’s distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors, Troy became President and CEO in 2014. With him at the helm, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has enjoyed unprecedented success.

In response to the award, Troy indicated that it is an honor to receive the recognition from One Planet Awards, according to a PRWEB press release from January 10, 2017. However, he did not try to take all the credit for himself. Instead, he congratulated everyone at USHEALTH Group for the “… company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow.”

Troy began his career in the health insurance industry after graduating from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies. At UCF, he was both Tennis All American and Academic All American. Following college, he joined Allstate Insurance in 1983, and later moved to UICI/Health Market where he worked for more than ten years before ending up at USHEALTH.

Aside from being a successful corporate executive, Troy spends his time volunteering and donating to several non-profits and charities including the Simper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas and Phoenix, the Crisis Nursery Phoenix and Trinity Habitat for Humanities, according to Troy’s LinkedIn profile.

One Planet Awards is a global program that honors business professionals from every industry throughout the world. The program’s coveted honors are dispensed in several categories including executives, teams, new products and services, PR, marketing and corporate communications, according to PRWEB.

How Did Fabletics Grow So Fast?

Breaking into the fashion industry is nearly impossible. With Amazon taking the e-commerce world by storm, most people attempting to break into the fashion industry never success. Fabletics is one company that has smashed expectations and has grown into one of the top sellers in active wear in the short amount of time it has been around. Kate Hudson has created a brand that people want to buy, and that people want to buy over other brands.


As a subscription-based company, people sign up with their membership and pay a monthly fee and in return get a new outfit every month. After taking the Lifestyle Quiz, people will be able to view products that are specifically chosen for them. This quiz is also used to create future merchandise so taking it is very important and informative. They were born online and because of this people who come into the store and usually are already signed up as members. Fabletics is unlike other companies because it does not care where people buy their merchandise. Meaning online or in a physical store, a sale is a sale.


Kate Hudson wanted to create a brand that all women, regardless of their size, could find clothes that they felt comfortable and motivated in. Kate Hudson wants people to put on their clothes and feel inspired to get healthier. She wants this to happen but she wants it to be affordable and be made of great quality. Her belief is that cute good quality clothing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.


Kate Hudson also is focused on only creating clothing that people want to wear. If something is not selling it does not stay on the website. Only clothing people want will be up for purchase, and data is used to consistently create clothing people want. This is unlike other companies and she believes the dedication to giving the customer what they want is what makes them so successful.


When Kate Hudson started her business she never expected it to become as successful as it is. Her desire to inspire people and motivate them on their fitness journey is what drives her to continue to step outside the box when it comes to growing her business. Her unique tactics and strategies set her apart from the competition. As her brand grows, Kate Hudson hopes that Fabletics continues to inspire everyone who wears it.

Bruce Levenson’s Generosity

Bruce Levenson is a named most commonly associated with the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Although he’s no longer an owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC, his name has remained in ESPN news. He’s still co-founder and Partner at United Communications Group. But lately, Mr. Bruce Levenson has been focused more on philanthropic endeavors than business.

Recently, his philanthropic eye has been set on higher education. His work with the Do Good Institute is taking the world of higher education by storm. The initiative aims at undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. The objective is to expose and inspire students to become more involved in the world of non-profit and volunteering.

It’s the modern world’s attempt to create the next generation of non-profit business leaders. The world seems to be leaning in one particular direction lately, and the Do Good Institute is trying to balance everything out. This new wave of non-profit business leaders is to challenge their private-sector counterparts.

Levenson ( and the Do Good Institute aren’t saying that there aren’t already extraordinary people trying to make the world a better place. Over the years, they’ve noticed dozens of amazing organizations fall short of their mission because the leaders of those organizations don’t have the necessary business skills to succeed.

Upon realizing that most of these failures were due to the simple lack of business skills, Levenson and his wife, Karen, came up with the idea. They took their idea to the University of Maryland and put up the $75 million to start the initiative. The state of Maryland added an additional $20 million.

The initiative gave birth to the University of Maryland’s first Philanthropy 101 class. Students were given $10,000 to allocate to a cause of their choosing.

Retirement Advice From David Giertz

People feel relaxed that social security will take care of them post their retirement. David Giertz is the President at Nationwide Financial Distributors. He is now telling American people that things have changed. There is not enough money any more. Hence they need to plan more and save more.

As far as social security is concerned, people need to be aware of a lot of things. Typically people think that just because they have reached the age of 62, they are eligible to take Social Security at Hence they simply go ahead and do so. But what this leads to is getting the least benefits.

David Giertz says that people need to wait longer. In fact, the more they wait, the higher will be the benefits that will accrue to them. This is where the financial advisors need to play a vital role. They have to explain to them how much they would get as per their age. The calculation should be done accordingly.

David Giertz also explains that Social Security has been devised as a way to assist retirees. They should not look towards it as something that will fund them completely. This is why they must have a retirement plan in place.

Higher Social Security benefits will come when a person starts availing it later. This means that they must opt for full retirement age mentioned on This will be between the age of 65 and 67. In fact, they must wait still longer. This will help them in getting a still bigger monthly check from Social Security.

Taxation is another field here that is full of misconceptions, as per David Giertz on He says that people are simply not aware that Social Security is taxable. Hence they find this a rude shock. All these things must be clarified at the earliest.

Economic Consequences of European nations leaving the EU report by Flavio Maluf

The stock markets fell by 12% with the announcement that the United Kingdom was leaving the European Union (EU). Other consequences included the devaluation of British currency, the sterling pound which reached its lowest level since 1985. According to Flavio Maluf, the long-term consequences to the global economy cannot be underestimated and will be felt.


Consequences to the British economy


The United Kingdom spent 11.3 billion Euros and 6.9 billion euros it received from EU for the 2014 data. This consequently increased inflationary pressure on the British economy. Flavio Maluf however argues and quotes FN capital director ‘Figueiredo’ that the British economy will have the considerable drop of investments received from investors. The end of free movement of people and country between member countries will have the negative impact on the British economy.


Trade in the United Kingdom and Europe.


In international trade there are tariffs and other quotas imposed on goods from other nations. With the exit of British from EU, it means it has to draft new customs union that won’t allow free trade from any country including those from EU. This will likely harm foreign trade. Flavio Maluf remarks and quotes Otto Nogami that the British exit may also bring some advantages to the United Kingdom. The country will have to move ahead and sign bilateral agreements with individual countries which were not viable before.


Consequences on the Brazilian imports and exports


Brazil will benefit because it now can enter bilateral agreements directly with the British which previously was negotiated under the EU standards umbrella. However, the benefits are very limited as Brazil is a major trading partner to the United Kingdom the trade accounts for less than 2% annual exports.


Impact to the European Union


The United Kingdom was one of the major pillars of the European Union as part of established countries. The British exit from EU creates a major crack in the Union and countries like France has shown weaknesses in its economy leaving Germany to sustain the block in economic terms.


Flavio Malouf


Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman born in 1961; he is a mechanical engineer by training and a successful entrepreneur. He is currently the president of Eucatex and grand food group. He’s also the older son of politician Paulo Maluf.




Eucatex was started in November 1951 and its headquartered in Sao Paulo Brazil as the first company of Brazilian origin to think about acoustic comfort and environment. It started the use of eucalyptus as a raw material to produce ceiling tiles and panels. Eucatex was born from Americana sawmill established in 1923 in Sao Paulo Brazil. It has done considerable business and started exporting ceiling tiles and panels to Europe in 1965.



Lime Crime Is All About Freedom Of Expression

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that has built a strong reputation based on being true to yourself. In other words, the product line is a tool to claim your own creativity. The founder of the makeup company is Doe Deere. Certainly, this is her personal philosophy too. Her personal philosophy has attracted millions of fans to the makeup line since they exploded on the scene close to a decade ago. The makeup colors are wild, dazzling, sensational, bold, and beautiful. One of the line’s hottest products are the Velvetine lipsticks.


Girls & Guys Love Velvetines

The Velvetine lipsticks are inspired by the touch, look, and feel of rose petals. Clearly, the lipsticks are very close to the texture and softness of a natural rose that is found in nature. The Velvetines line was inspired by the founder, Doe Deere. The colors in the lipstick line are whimsical with very magical names that inspire the imagination. For example, some of the most popular colors in the lipstick line are wicked, red rose, scandal, dream girl, elle, cindy, and teddy bear. All of the richly pigmented hues have a decidedly French Vanilla aroma that is very intoxicating. In addition, the lipstick is smudge proof and designed to last all day long.


Lime Crime Velvetines

The Velvetine are receiving rave reviews online and in the real world. Girls and Guys are surfing to the company’s website to get a look at the latest hues and colors in the line. Even the social media sites are hot with news concerning their latest colors like Scandal which is a gorgeous deep purple hue that will make your lips look so sexy. Here’s a tip shared by Velvetine lovers. Exfoliate lips before wearing your favorite hue. Next, apply your favorite lip balm. Let the lip balm sit on the lips for about fifteen minutes. Next, apply the lipstick with a lip-brush. Remove the lipstick at the end of the day with your favorite baby oil or another type of oil that removes makeup. For example, vitamin E oil or even Shea butter oil. They are very soothing and leave the lips very soft.