Readers Benefit From Agora Financial’s Innovative Analysis

AGORA Financial publishes cutting edge economic and financial commentary for the individual investor. They take no money from any financial institutions, publicly traded companies, mutual funds or anyone who might look to influence their advice. They can therefore offer objective and independent commentary.

Any investor who wants access to painstakingly through investment research and analysis can find what they need in Agora’s free and paid publications, on-line articles, conferences and books. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, you can increase your return on investment through the financial forecasts provided by the writers and editors at Agora.

Over the past 25 years Agora has been providing its unbiased commentary to millions of readers. Its team of talented professional from multiple disciplines has been able to read the signals and recognize trends, bubbles and opportunities before they hit the mainstream investment houses. This gives its readers a unique perspective and an edge over investors who are all reading the same old traditional analysis.

Agora’s honest unbiased style has been recognized by numerous financial media sources including U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters, The Economist, Fox Business News among many others.

Agora readers learned about the warning signs of the credit bubble, the housing bubble, and the weak fundamentals underlying what became the Panic of 2008. The fact that Agora Financial has been able to see the signals, understand what they mean and put the information out for their readers allowed them to capitalize on the pending chaos and prosper while other investors took a beating. Agora Inc, the parent company of Agora Financial, was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in historic Mount Vernon, Baltimore.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Commitment To Battling Cancer

Forbes published an article on September 25, 2017, entitled, “Groupon Cofounder’s New Healthcare Startup Raises $70 Million In Latest Funding Round”. This article was about Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Tempus.

Forbes reported that Tempus has raised a total of $130 million since 2015.

Tempus is a tech company that focuses on raising money for genomic sequencing for cancer treatments. The program from Tempus will help doctors customize cancer treatments to benefit the individual patient. Recently, they raised $70 million from investors such as New Enterprise Associates and Revolution. Forbes also reports that Lefkofsky and co-founder Brad Keywell have both personally invested in each one of their fundraising efforts for Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky has had a long career in the tech industry.

He is originally from Southfield, Michigan and he attended school at the University of Michigan. Even though his first job was selling carpet, he would go on to be an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the co-founder of Groupon, which is reported by Forbes to be the fastest growing company in history. Lefkofsky also enjoys a successful teaching career in Chicago, where he has taught courses in technology and business. At this time, he teaches mostly at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He is also the chairman of Groupon. He has co-founded several other companies during the span of his career.

Lefkofsky is the CEO of Tempus.

Dismayed at the traditional methods of data collection in the treatment of cancer, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus with a passion to help those battling cancer. Tempus provides a more organized method for doctors to care for their patients.


How Creativity Impacts Business Growth As Seen From Lori Senecal

Creativity is an important feature in business; lack or deficiency of it leads to business stagnation and reduced competitiveness. When a business owner or manager embrace and encourage creativity amongst his or her staff members, the business grows exponentially and inspires the employees to grow at a personal level as well as professionally.

Some business managers are naturally creative and can inspire the industry they operate in to great heights. These are the people who contribute to positive changes in their industries and leave a permanent mark even when they retire or quit. One such people is Lori Senecal, the global CEO of CP+B, who is ranked among the 100 most influential business leaders across the world by Fast Company.

Lori’s Creativity

According to Fast Company website, Lori Senecal’s creativity has helped both the staff and the management of CP+B to take the risk to a higher level and consequently; the company’s annual revenue has increased by over 20 percent. In her opinion, Lori believes that creativity goes beyond talent. It is more of behavior according to her. True to her belief, creativity has become the behavior at CP+B over the past two years that Lori has been global CEO. This has enabled the company to rise up the ladder to the point of challenging for the control of the global ad market.

CP+B is not the first company to benefit from Lori’s creativity and unmatched business mojo. When she served as the CEO of KBS+, she used to coach her employee on how to succeed in business regularly. According to Fast Company, her tutorials on venture capital made those employees develop into entrepreneurs. Even without enterprises of their own to run, Lori’s employees turn entrepreneurs had all it took to shape ad business models in their own unique ways.

About Lori

Lori’s career as a business executive started at McCann Worldgroup. As the company’s global chief innovation officer, she greatly contributed to the company’s claim of its share in the global market. Before joining KBS+, she was the president of the flagship New York office of McCann Erickson.

Lori Senecal has been on Twitter since March 2009. Her Twitter handle @digitalori has more than 4,000 followers with whom she socializes with.


How Gregory Aziz has Steered The National Steel Car Company to Success

Gregory Aziz works with the National Steel Car Company where he holds the positions of Chairman, President and also Chairman. The National Steel Car is described as one of the best rail car, freight car and manufacturing company. The company was established over 100 years ago and has therefore acquired massive experience when it comes to engineering and production of railroad freight cars. The National Steel Car Company was started in 1912 and was known as Dofasco. Throughout the years, the reputation of the company has managed to remain consistent. In 1994, Greg Aziz purchased the rail car company which is from Canada and managed to grow it in becoming an American franchise.


The many years The National Steel Car Company has been in operation, it has managed to consistently meet the expanding needs of the industry of rail road. The manufacture and designs of the freight cars has also managed to meet the ever changing standards of the rail road industry in the world. The company opens its doors every single day of the week and has therefore managed to prove its stability. The National Steel Company has under the leadership of Greg Aziz been able to empower its employees who are committed to achieving the strategic goals of the company. According to Gregory, the company has only managed to reach the place it is today due to the professional and hard working work force.


For more than ten years, The National Steel Car Company has managed to retain the award from the TTX SECO due to their rail and freight cars which are quality. The company has also been able to have dominance across the railroad industry of North America. Just recently, The National Steel Car Company added strict measures when it comes to the manufacture of railroad tank cars so as to ensure that they are very much secure to handle the transportation of combustible liquids in a safe and efficient manner.

Born and raised up in the area of Ontario, London, Gregory Aziz leads one of the top companies in the industry of railroad. James Aziz is a graduate from the Western University after which he left to work at a fresh food business belonging to his company. James Aziz later went on to serve in the banking investment sector and later went on to purchase the National Steel car Company. Over the years, Gregory Aziz has worked hard to ensure that the steel car company has grown tremendously.



The Popularity of Market America Events Keeps Growing

Market America Events are becoming more popular every year, as the numbers of new people attending them grows. The popularity of these events is only eclipsed by the grand world of opportunities the attendees are afforded. This is what makes Market America different from other unique business organizations, because they are about their membership being raised up and allowed to succeed financially without limits. The goal of Market America is dream building for a better future, and everyone can be a part of it. So why doesn’t everyone know about this great opportunity by now. The answer is not simple.

Perhaps it is because some people don’t want to believe they deserve everything they want from life. Maybe it is because Market America sounds too good to be true, and it probably does. But the facts are evident, members and those who attend Market America Events have changed their lives financially and economically. There is no other program that is making a difference in more lives, as quickly and effectively as Market America. So if this sounds like an experience worth taking a chance on, then come attend an event when it comes to a city where you live or near you. It will be the best day of your new life.

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The Reformations Of End Citizen United In The Campaign Finance Systems

End Citizen United is a movement established with the aim of introducing reforms to campaign financial systems. The group raised over $4 million in 2017. It is expecting that over $35 million will be collected by the end of 2018. The money to be collected is aimed at funding Congress elections in 2018 .

The money which will be collected is more than what Political Action Committee (PAC) had raised. PAC had raised a total over $25 million in 2016. The information generated in the USA indicates that about 100,000 people were involved in raising the money for PAC in 2016. 40,000 people have raised money for the group for the first time. PAC collected about $12 million in 2016. End Citizen United contributed largely in raising $500,000 to Democrat candidate in Georgia. The money was raised to Jon Ossoff through donations to fund its campaigns. He managed to raise more than $4million for the campaigns. The seat which was to be filled was initially occupied by Tom Price who was a Republican. Tom Price was later selected for the appointment as secretary of Health and Human Services.


The name ‘End Citizen United’ was selected after the decision that was made by Supreme Court in 2010 Citizens. The decision which was ruled by the Supreme Court made it possible for donations to be received from unions and corporations. The donations are utilized in supporting the candidates to fund their campaigns. PAC was one of the earliest group to be formed to raise money for the campaigns. The group was not limited in the amount of money which it could raise. On the other hand, End Citizen United does not allow one person to raise over $5,000. The group has joined a network of campaign-finance groups. The group was on the frontline in convincing the senators who have benefited from Devos family fund to vote for Betsy Devos. The group was established by James Bopp. He is a renowned lawyer who is based in Terre Haute, Indiana.

The lawyer has gone to court requesting to be allowed to broadcast a certain movie. However, he lost the case since the court was not provided by the sponsor of the movie. The arguments of the case were revisited two years later, and they were adopted. End Citizens United came into existed due to the efforts of Bopp to eradicate the poor campaign regulations. He is the one behind litigation threats which are championing against the laws instituted about the national campaigns. End Citizens United has enabled corporate society to donate funds for the campaign. Bopp is well known due to the cases about campaigns that he has won. He won the cases that he filed against McCain and Bush v. Gore. His contribution to the formation of End Citizens United is fundamental in reforming the campaign finance system.

Clients Prefers New Equities First Holdings Office in Melbourne, Australia

Astute business persons and organizations are quite aware of Equities First Holdings increasing global presence when it comes to alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company began operations from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, which currently serves as the headquarters, before spreading a number of key cities in the world. The ever increasing clients’ base of the company is compelling its offices in different parts of the world to make necessary adjustments for accommodating the overflowing patronage. EFH offices in Australia are also faced with similar challenges.

The Australian branch of Equities First Holdings runs three offices in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. All three are, at the moment, experiencing increasing clients’ base. The company had to move the former Melbourne office to a new location in the same city. Most clients in Melbourne have come out to opening commend this decision as they find the new location easier to access. The new Melbourne regional office is at Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, and telephone: +61 3 8688 7191.

Mitchell Hopwood, the Managing Director for EFH (Australia) Pty Ltd., was full of joy for the successful relocation of the Melbourne office. He said the new office is spacious enough to accommodate clients and staff, and could be expanded if the need arise.

Equities First Holdings is widely known for coming to the aid of clients by providing quick capital in the form of stock-based loans. These loans are unrestricted, so they can be used for business expansion, strategic investments among many others. The non-recourse feature of these loans allows borrowers to walk away without further obligation than the forfeiture of the stock should he or she default in paying back.

Aside EFH Australian offices and the headquarters in Indianapolis, the company also have a strong presence in Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and The United Kingdom. for more.

Fabletics: Redefining Activewear Through Innovation

Technological advancements have revolutionized how businesses run their operations. With many companies embracing the internet as a result of a shift in consumer behavior, the internet has become an important tool especially for marketing and advertising. One new concept that has sprung up from the emergence of the internet is the customer reviews. With an enormous number of clients increasingly trusting the reviews from other clients, many businesses have mastered the art of customizing their operations to meet the tastes and preferences of their clients through marketing strategies that are hinged on reviews. One such company that has enjoyed great success with a review-centric strategy is Fabletics; a fashion forward company specializing in innovative athletic wear with a tinge of leisure.


Since its launch in 2013, Fabeltics has grown in leaps and bounds to become a multi-billion fashion brand with a global client base and millions of clients registered as members on its website. The company has efficiently converted the reviews from the clients and other internet users and leveraged it to develop products that are highly customized to meet the unique needs of their various clients or members. It is not only the membership that has benefitted from the review-centric marketing approach. The company’s value has grown tremendously and is currently being estimated to be close to $250 million.


With the review tabs on the websites being transformed into more interactive and informative platforms, more customers trust the reviews. For companies, this translates to favorable ranking on the search list, an increase in revenue and more repeat and loyal clients. It is this power of the crowd or crowdsourcing that Fabletics and its parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, have effectively tapped into with greater success.


Kate Hudson: An Actress and Fabletics’ Brand Icon


When Kate Hudson cofounded Fabletics in partnership with the brains behind the innovative fashion and branding company TechStyle Fashion Group, few would have predicted that the Fabletics brand would have rose to global prominence within such a short period of time. It presented her with a unique yet challenging opportunity to juggle between being an actress and a fashion icon for one of the world’s fastest growing brands. Under her leadership, she has transformed the company into a fashion-forward fashion brand with unique product lines of athleisure for exercise and yoga.


Through her visionary and efficient leadership, Kate Hudson has overseen the growth of the company’s membership especially from her millions of fans. She is actively involved in the operations of the company, which has also been a critical success factor for Fabletics. Her active engagement has seen her bring in some celebrities to become brand ambassadors including Demi Lovato. As the leading face of Fabletics, Kate Hudson also oversees the effective use of data to customize the products according to the tastes and preferences of the company’s clients. Kate sees Fabeltics as a unique opportunity to empower women and allow them wear athleisure that designed specifically for their body size. If you are worried about finding an activewear that is tailor-made for your, perhaps you should consider taking Lifestyle Quiz on the company’s website. Her successes have not been devoid of challenges as she has had to weather numerous storms of negative publicity and criticism.

An End To The Buying Of American Elections Through End Citizens United

In 2010, the Supreme Court changed the American elections landscape by establishing the ideology of corporations are people. This resulted to billionaires and people with special interests spending untraceable and unlimited funds in American elections. End Citizens United was formed to reform the American campaign finance system by putting an end to billionaires wanting to buy the elections. It is a Political Action Committee that is funded by grassroots donors.

In January 2008, Citizens United went to court arguing that it should be allowed to air the movie, Hillary, on on-demand television. Represented by James Bopp, a lawyer from Terre Haute- Indiana, got literally laughed at in court for saying that the 90-minute movie wasn’t different from what was seen in 60 minutes, yet its creators received the First Amendment protection. The Federal Election Commission, FEC, declined to air the movie and its advertisements during the election primaries. The FEC had mentioned that the movie had amounted to a campaign advertisement that ran for 90 minutes and it had not identified its sponsors.

Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling in favor of Citizens Union. This decision abolished the 100 years of campaign-finance law. The court ruled that given corporations are already referred to as people for several constitutional reasons, they too have a First Amendment right the same as average voters. The court added that keeping corporations from using the money to support or defeat other candidates is wrong and unconstitutional. Election spending has been on the increase in the last several elections. Bopp argues that having contribution limits is counterproductive. This makes people committed to the use of the money during elections.

End Citizens United focuses on driving back the big money that is put out for politics. They do this by raising money on their own to support the campaign to Congress for finance reform champions. Their goal is to have them elected without huge billionaire finance support. They limit the maximum amount of donations acceptable from a single donor to $5,000. The group collected over $4 million in the first three months of 2017. They project that they will raise $35 million by the time the 2018 midterm Congressional elections is here.

About 100,000 people have contributed to this course during the first three months of the year. This shows the dislike of billionaires and corporates financing campaigns. End Citizens United fundraising has created attention with their course given that they have created ties with some campaign finance overseers. Dozens of groups collaborated to urge the Republican senators who had received donations from Betsy DeVos, for their campaigns, to restrain themselves from nominating her as the Education Secretary under Trump’s government. This ended up in Senate voting 50-50 on her confirmation, the Vice President had to end the stalemate and voted for her.

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Michael Lacey’s Work In Mathematics Has Been Transformational

Michael Lacey is an American mathematician who has gained world recognition for advancing his field in a variety of areas that are not only highly significant, but have brought critical practical applications to science across several disciplines.

Michael Lacey was born in 1959 and showed an early aptitude for math as a child. He went on to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1987. His graduate research was supervised by the world-renowned Austrian mathematician Dr. Walter Philip, a man he would continue to work with later in his career.

Lacey’s first research and teaching positions were at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. It was at UNC that Lacey collaborated with Dr. Philip to produce a proof of the central limit theorem. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Central limit theorem is part of probability theory. It establishes that independent random variables, when added, have their normalized sums tend toward a distribution that can be described by a bell curve. That’s the case even if the original variables at not distributed normally. The implications of the Lacey/Philip proof of the central limit theorem have had enormous implications. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

From 1989 to 1996, Michael Lacey was employed by Indiana University. While there he received a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Science Foundation and began working on bilinear Hilbert Transform. His work in this area eventually led to his being awarded the Salem Prize, one of the most prestigious world-wide recognitions given in the field of mathematics.

Hilbert Transform involves a central aspect of field signal processing. Hilbert transform is used to create an workable diagram of a signal with specific points of data represented. This makes it much easier to manipulate this kind of data. This in turn is key to many other kinds of functions.

In 1996 Michael Lacey accepted a position at the Georgia institute of Technology where he continues his cutting edge work on some of the world’s most difficult mathematical challenges. Working with Ph.D, engineer Xiaochun Li, Lacey received a Guggenheim Fellowship. He also became a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.