How Gregory Aziz has Steered The National Steel Car Company to Success

Gregory Aziz works with the National Steel Car Company where he holds the positions of Chairman, President and also Chairman. The National Steel Car is described as one of the best rail car, freight car and manufacturing company. The company was established over 100 years ago and has therefore acquired massive experience when it comes to engineering and production of railroad freight cars. The National Steel Car Company was started in 1912 and was known as Dofasco. Throughout the years, the reputation of the company has managed to remain consistent. In 1994, Greg Aziz purchased the rail car company which is from Canada and managed to grow it in becoming an American franchise.


The many years The National Steel Car Company has been in operation, it has managed to consistently meet the expanding needs of the industry of rail road. The manufacture and designs of the freight cars has also managed to meet the ever changing standards of the rail road industry in the world. The company opens its doors every single day of the week and has therefore managed to prove its stability. The National Steel Company has under the leadership of Greg Aziz been able to empower its employees who are committed to achieving the strategic goals of the company. According to Gregory, the company has only managed to reach the place it is today due to the professional and hard working work force.


For more than ten years, The National Steel Car Company has managed to retain the award from the TTX SECO due to their rail and freight cars which are quality. The company has also been able to have dominance across the railroad industry of North America. Just recently, The National Steel Car Company added strict measures when it comes to the manufacture of railroad tank cars so as to ensure that they are very much secure to handle the transportation of combustible liquids in a safe and efficient manner.

Born and raised up in the area of Ontario, London, Gregory Aziz leads one of the top companies in the industry of railroad. James Aziz is a graduate from the Western University after which he left to work at a fresh food business belonging to his company. James Aziz later went on to serve in the banking investment sector and later went on to purchase the National Steel car Company. Over the years, Gregory Aziz has worked hard to ensure that the steel car company has grown tremendously.