Fabletics: Redefining Activewear Through Innovation

Technological advancements have revolutionized how businesses run their operations. With many companies embracing the internet as a result of a shift in consumer behavior, the internet has become an important tool especially for marketing and advertising. One new concept that has sprung up from the emergence of the internet is the customer reviews. With an enormous number of clients increasingly trusting the reviews from other clients, many businesses have mastered the art of customizing their operations to meet the tastes and preferences of their clients through marketing strategies that are hinged on reviews. One such company that has enjoyed great success with a review-centric strategy is Fabletics; a fashion forward company specializing in innovative athletic wear with a tinge of leisure.


Since its launch in 2013, Fabeltics has grown in leaps and bounds to become a multi-billion fashion brand with a global client base and millions of clients registered as members on its website. The company has efficiently converted the reviews from the clients and other internet users and leveraged it to develop products that are highly customized to meet the unique needs of their various clients or members. It is not only the membership that has benefitted from the review-centric marketing approach. The company’s value has grown tremendously and is currently being estimated to be close to $250 million.


With the review tabs on the websites being transformed into more interactive and informative platforms, more customers trust the reviews. For companies, this translates to favorable ranking on the search list, an increase in revenue and more repeat and loyal clients. It is this power of the crowd or crowdsourcing that Fabletics and its parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group, have effectively tapped into with greater success.


Kate Hudson: An Actress and Fabletics’ Brand Icon


When Kate Hudson cofounded Fabletics in partnership with the brains behind the innovative fashion and branding company TechStyle Fashion Group, few would have predicted that the Fabletics brand would have rose to global prominence within such a short period of time. It presented her with a unique yet challenging opportunity to juggle between being an actress and a fashion icon for one of the world’s fastest growing brands. Under her leadership, she has transformed the company into a fashion-forward fashion brand with unique product lines of athleisure for exercise and yoga.


Through her visionary and efficient leadership, Kate Hudson has overseen the growth of the company’s membership especially from her millions of fans. She is actively involved in the operations of the company, which has also been a critical success factor for Fabletics. Her active engagement has seen her bring in some celebrities to become brand ambassadors including Demi Lovato. As the leading face of Fabletics, Kate Hudson also oversees the effective use of data to customize the products according to the tastes and preferences of the company’s clients. Kate sees Fabeltics as a unique opportunity to empower women and allow them wear athleisure that designed specifically for their body size. If you are worried about finding an activewear that is tailor-made for your, perhaps you should consider taking Lifestyle Quiz on the company’s website. Her successes have not been devoid of challenges as she has had to weather numerous storms of negative publicity and criticism.