Sheldon Lavin: The Face of OSI Group


Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive officer and Chairman of OSI Group. He had a vision of managing his own company. He always had self-drive and believed that the best way of employment is self-employment. Sheldon has a solid academic background where he studied both accounting and finance. It all started when he was hired by the Kolschowsky family to plan for the financing of their meat processing facility. Initially, OSI Industries was called Otto and the Sons after Otto Kolschowsky. Fortunately enough, his continued dedication and participation in projects of the firm eventually made him the owner.

The main objective of OSI Group from its founding was to make it grow to become a global processing enterprise. Currently, it is already situated in 17 different countries and boasts a large number of facilities which are over 60 in number. OSI majorly markets primary protein products though they partly produce vegetable items and baked food. Recently, its chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin was handed a Global Visionary Award. This award is a prestigious Indian award that is now five years old. It was started so as to show appreciation and honor to entrepreneurs who have managed to live up to their dreams despite the many challenges that come their way.

Sheldon Lavin has been key to helping OSI Group transgress from a domestic food company to a renowned and booming food processor. Under his leadership, they have been recognized with awards for environmental management, safety risks, and proper health management. Lavin states that the key to OSI success is the fact that the firm has drafted rules that govern operations within it. Levels of responsibility, having budgeting limits, and timely completion of projects are some of the key policies. However, the concept of family and togetherness is still maintained as unity is what brings progress. Lavin at LinkedIn.

The concept of being less informal is key to forming an open minded staff that would freely approach the manager in case something goes amiss on the ground. At times, addressing people by their first names reduces formality. At OSI Group, all these strategies are key to forming a perfect family that performs in its work. OSI involvement with Ronald McDonald House Charities is one of the means it gives back to the community. for more.