Sheldon Lavin: The Face of OSI Group


Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive officer and Chairman of OSI Group. He had a vision of managing his own company. He always had self-drive and believed that the best way of employment is self-employment. Sheldon has a solid academic background where he studied both accounting and finance. It all started when he was hired by the Kolschowsky family to plan for the financing of their meat processing facility. Initially, OSI Industries was called Otto and the Sons after Otto Kolschowsky. Fortunately enough, his continued dedication and participation in projects of the firm eventually made him the owner.

The main objective of OSI Group from its founding was to make it grow to become a global processing enterprise. Currently, it is already situated in 17 different countries and boasts a large number of facilities which are over 60 in number. OSI majorly markets primary protein products though they partly produce vegetable items and baked food. Recently, its chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin was handed a Global Visionary Award. This award is a prestigious Indian award that is now five years old. It was started so as to show appreciation and honor to entrepreneurs who have managed to live up to their dreams despite the many challenges that come their way.

Sheldon Lavin has been key to helping OSI Group transgress from a domestic food company to a renowned and booming food processor. Under his leadership, they have been recognized with awards for environmental management, safety risks, and proper health management. Lavin states that the key to OSI success is the fact that the firm has drafted rules that govern operations within it. Levels of responsibility, having budgeting limits, and timely completion of projects are some of the key policies. However, the concept of family and togetherness is still maintained as unity is what brings progress. Lavin at LinkedIn.

The concept of being less informal is key to forming an open minded staff that would freely approach the manager in case something goes amiss on the ground. At times, addressing people by their first names reduces formality. At OSI Group, all these strategies are key to forming a perfect family that performs in its work. OSI involvement with Ronald McDonald House Charities is one of the means it gives back to the community. for more.

ClassDojo-Keeping the Classroom Exciting


ClassDojo is the future of the classroom. It is an app that is making communication a lot easier between teachers, parents, and students. It is customizable and it allows students to earn dojo points.

ClassDojo is also making classrooms much more efficient and is saving teachers a lot of time. With just a click, accomplishments and even the conduct of students can be easily recorded. Teachers can just leave the app on the Smartboard throughout the day and it makes it easy for negatives and positives to be recorded throughout the day.

ClassDojo is a great communication tool between parents and students and it automatically tracks the actions in the classroom. Teachers can then use the information gathers in order to create reports that can be shared with parents later on. Parents will then be reminded every Friday to review the progress of their children.

ClassDojo makes it really handy to organize and set up the classroom for teachers and it also helps parents to stay very involved with the progress of their children. The app also makes it easy and fun for students to share their day with their parents through visuals like photos and videos rather than explaining it all.

ClassDojo makes it simple to keep the lines of communication open between parents and teachers without the need for text messaging or phone calls. It’s a great way to stay on top of things throughout the school year rather than trying to catch up at teacher parent conferences. Classdojo has really opened up the lines of communication between teachers and the parents of their students and is helping to make classrooms very streamlined and efficient so that more can get accomplished in a school day. ClassDojo is a positive app that encourages good behavior and accomplishments.


Scott Rocklage; In the Business of Making Healthcare Entrepreneurial

With over 20 years of experience in healthcare management, Dr. Rocklage has exhibited strong leadership capabilities that will remain remarkable for years to come. Rocklage holds a P.H.D in Chemistry from Massacheutts Institute of Technology (MIS) and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry earned from the University of California, Berkeley. His leadership has seen the endorsement of three U.S. New Drug Applications as well the entrance of a number of drug applicants into clinical trials.

Together with his wife Scott Patty, they assisted in the renovation of Lestor Wolfe Professor, nanotechnology lab as well as Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry in 2016. Scott Rocklage, the managing partner at 5AM Ventures, took up his role in 2004 where he rose from his rank as Venture Partner in just one year.

Before joining 5AM Ventures, he served as the Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Cubist Pharmaceuticals as well the President of Nycomed Salutar.

The teams he has worked with have raised over $500 million in financing, a clear indication of his achievements so far. It is through his strategic leadership that the company he currently serves (5AM Ventures) has risen up the ranks to focus on life science of the future generations.

Rocklage’s approach has proved to win the scientific component over time in finding the right companies to fund as an investment opportunity. He terms his ideas for 5AM Ventures as ones that contain life-science which is made a reality by working closely with entrepreneurs who may be physicians, other scientists or business executives.

He counts on his ability to be well organized as a habit that helps him to be more productive. Further, he focuses on his strengths as well as what his business knows well as the key strategy to the enormous growth of the teams he has lead. One of the key learning he has pulled from his road to success is ‘never be afraid of taking risks.’

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Eric Lefkofsky is Changing the Way Cancer is Treated

For most people, cancer is a frightening diagnosis that is fraught with confusion. For Eric Lefkofsky, it was eye-opening. When his wife, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with cancer, he realized just how difficult it is for patients and their families to understand what is going on and how best to combat their disease. Lefkofsky decided to come up with a solution. He joined forces with Brad Keywell to develop a startup called Tempus.

This was nothing new for the pair. They are long-time business partners who have developed multiple startups together in the past. Lefkofsky is a prominent tech founder based in Chicago who has built a fortune with his entrepreneurial spirit. Some of his startups include Groupon, Lightbank, and Uptake Technologies. He also works as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. In 2007 he published a book called Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation.

Lefkofsky has used his position to give back to the community. He and his wife created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to support initiatives that better the lives of the people served. Lefkofsky also serves as a Trustee for several Chicago-based organizations, including Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Now, with Tempus, Lefkofsky is offering new hope to the cancer community. Tempus uses data from genomic sequencing to develop the best course of treatment for each individual patient based on their specific tumors. This information helps both patients and doctors by providing them with the data they need to make informed decisions and learn more about Eric.

Tempus also has a centralized database that doctors can access. They can use the data on past cancer patients who have similarities to their current patients to see what was most effective for them. That makes Tempus a game-changer when it comes to treating cancer patients.

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White Shark Media at its Best

White Shark Media is a unique corporate that consists of a podium. The organization is associated with numerous organizations that enable the company to provide better services and also accomplish more. Furthermore, the company development increases rapidly due to the better management of the company. White Shark has also been approved by the North America as the top leading developing marketing company. Due to the organization efficiency, it has been able to attract more clients. Gary Gath is the main founder of the company in the year 2011 and as well he is the CEO of the company.

White shark Media has also enabled other companies to develop and accomplish their goals through using their features including the AdWards and Ad managements. These features are efficient and exceptional therefore their customers are well served and they are happy with their services hence bringing more clients to White Shark Media. Due to the accomplishment and the more effort they put through the company also has been awarded AdWords Premier SMB Partnership award with Google. Other company that acknowledges the company is Microsoft because of devotion and effort they do in marketing. The company goals are to ensure the company help other companies to grow and also providing better services to their clients with services which are flat free and cost-effective hence enabling them to come for more.

Furthermore, their clients also use google analytics and call tracking to manage their campaign and also beginning fresh campaigns by using their old accounts. White Shark Media excellent testimonies are heard and spread all over and also their better achievement stories are how other organization developed their organization through White Shark Media. Ecommerce Store, Women’s Fashion Retailers, and Junk Removal are some of the improved organization that the organization has developed. Through online marketing, it has enabled many companies to transform and develop rapidly.

Lastly, through online marketing, its has enabled White Shark Media to be well-known therefore making the company be successful. The organization linking up with other organization it enabled them to improve AdWords campaigns. The main goals of the company are to create better campaigns and assisting more organization to develop.

The History of the Truths Taught at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a Los Angeles based non-profit center with the mission of bringing the instructions found in the Zohar, or Book Of Splendor to people throughout the world allowing them to experience true happiness in their lives. The information contained in the Zohar was not known to ordinary individuals until the Kabbalah Centre was opened in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag who was the first person to translated the Zohar from Aramaic to Hebrew. Through the work of the Kabbalah Centre, Michael Berg was able to write the first unabridged 23 volume English translation of the Zohar. Kabbalah News Here.

At the death of Rav Yehuda Ashlag, Rav Berg took over passing on all that he had learned from the great masters through his writings. His primary writing was Kabbalah for the Layman. This book allowed many people to understand the Kabbalah for the first time. He also wrote:

Consciousness and the Cosmos

Navigating the Universe

The Kabbalah Connection

Energy of the Hebrew Letters


The Power of You

Wheels of a Soul

Taming Chaos

Education of a Kabbalist

With his wife’s help, he opened the Los Angeles center with the hope that all that had a strong desire to learn this way of life would be given the ability. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2003. His wife now oversees the operation of the center and its teaching program that occurs online and in 40 brick and mortar locations around the world. The Guardian News for Kabbalah .

The basic principles of Kabbalah were given to Rav Shimon Bar Yochai while he was hiding in painful isolation in a cave near Peki’in, Israel for 13 years. During that time, Moses and Elijah visited him in visions. It was not, however, until Rav Isaac Luri, called the Ar, expounded on those truths, during the 16th century, that they had an impact on people’s lives. It is those truths that are taught at the center today. for more.

How Securus Technologies Helped Us Take Down a Criminal

I work as a corrections officer in a local jail, and recently we discovered that the incidents of drugs in our facility has escalated ten-fold over the prior year. My team was informed that we needed to step up our efforts so that we could see a reduction in those incidents, so we began focusing on three key areas of the prison.


First, we worked tirelessly to inspect each person that came into the prison. We checked inmates and visitors before and after their interactions, we even ran them through different scanning devices. Next, we grabbed some of the drug dogs and did surprise inspections of different cells. While we did see a noticeable difference, it was not enough.


Securus Technologies is responsible for installing a call monitoring system in our prison we use to listen to inmates interact on the telephone. When we were trained to use the LBS software, we all realized we now had a new resource in our war on drugs. Within days we began to pick up on conversations from inmates talking about making certain they entered the visitor center in a certain manner or don’t come.


We didn’t connect the dots that week, because we were so interested in catching the transfer in real-time that we missed the bigger picture. It was after the call monitoring service alerted us to the same conversations we realized what was happening. One new corrections officer was allowing certain visitors to pass through without getting thoroughly inspected.


Once we identified the corrupt staff member, we made sure to collect enough evidence so that we could have him removed from his job and sentenced accordingly. This behavior put me and my entire staff at risk, and by ending his ability to help the inmates, we reduced our drug problem dramatically.