Michael Zomber’s Authority and Passion in Antique Industry


Many people cannot tell the difference between antique, collectible and vintage items. While antiques are objects that are more than a century old, collectibles are items that of value but less than a century. Therefore, the difference in age determines whether an object is an antique or a collectible.


On the other hand, vintage items refer to objects that belong to a particular era. So when an object is referred to as an “antique collectible” it means that it is used for its attributes. These attributes are the rarity, condition, as well as utility among other features that make it unique. The value of antique collectibles remains relatively high and is determined by attributes of an object. In the antique collectibles business, there are famous people such as Michael Zomber.


Michael is an ardent collector of antiques apart from his role as an author and historian. In his antique collectible ventures, he has an array of items, which include Japanese samurai swords and other arms.


Michael Zomber’s mission in his antique collectible business has been to work with others in safeguarding the past. From his vast collections, he is also an antique dealer and a historian. One of the major factors that tell about his role in history is the Soul of the Samurai, a documentary.

Antique arms feature prominently in Michael Zomber’s antique collectibles and feature, European, American, Islamic as well as Japanese.


The domination of arms in Michael Zomber’s collections is derived from man’s nature of wanting to conquer and dominate others. As a result, his collections span over many centuries. With the vast experience in war history, Michael is keen to promote peace and involves himself in such activities. In this regard, he is a philanthropist who supports various organizations that support peace initiatives. Some of these include amnesty international, the global exchange and UNICEF among others.


Reminiscent of his work, Michael Zomber’s website; michaelzomber.com features Japanese writings that indicate his love for antique collectibles. It proves that the antique collectibles industry or business has high regard for history and its preservation. The same is evident in Michael’s work because of his desire to have the items he passes on to others well maintained. According to him, they should be in “pristine condition” in honor of their monetary and historical value.  Check out some of his awesome new pieces on Newson6.

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